Welcome to our online reservation service. We aim to give you the best access to Rizal’s newest tourist destination and one of Binangonan’s most memorable landmarks.
Every al fresco dining space or facility has its own distinct character and charm. Each name and location give clue to what sort of experience they offer to every customer.


Is the main events place of COFFEE RUSH for live musical performances, garden weddings, art exhibits, private functions for really large groups, or just a place to unwind by dining, drinking and even dancing. Aside from having a stage with lights, sounds and smoke effects, this area also has a dance floor with a disco ball, a smoking section, a liquor bar, coffee bar, and its own kitchen and dedicated cashier so all orders can easily be taken and delivered per table. Drinks can include alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including cocktails, mocktails, wine, coffee, non-coffee, soft drinks and hard drinks. Regular evening performances by local bands specializing in different musical genres are scheduled almost every night here. Special celebrity bands, popular solo artists, and concerts of several collaborating performers are also organized here. Up to 200 seated guests can fit here.


This is a covered dining area for either walk-in customers or those in need of reservation for smaller groups of up to 20 people. The Pabilyon is closer to the Metro Manila skyline view while still giving peek to the Laguna de Bay.


This section may be reserved to give the most freedom when dining as it is very open and found at the leftmost edge of our facilities closer to the Laguna de Bay overlooking view. Individuals, couples, and small groups may reserved here up to __ pax.


This is a covered dining area with a high breezy ceiling, it's closer to the Metro Manila skyline view while still allowing a peek of Laguna de Bay. Individuals, couples, and small groups may reserved here up to __ pax.


This is located at the 2nd floor that gives a VIP reservation experience either for dining or for private events. This is also the place that gives you a hacienda vibe because of the antique design elements. Small groups of 8-25 pax may reserve here.


Dining guests who wish to stay longer and have a sleepover may conveniently do so by booking here. We have the Coffee Rush TWIN HOUSE which is conveniently a few meters away from our store. More over stay-in guests may also explore the nearby golf course, casino, swimming pools, shooting range, petroglyphs and bike trail. Each house can be booked separately to accommodate 7-10 pax (total of 20 pax for both houses) which already includes breakfast. Those who wish to order lunch and / or dinner may easily do so by having it delivered from our store. The Twin House can also host private banquet events with ala carte or buffet up to 30 pax. In need of a performing band or musicians, we can also connect you to our stable of talents.
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