This is located at the 2nd floor that gives a VIP reservation experience either for dining or for private events. This is also the place that gives you a hacienda vibe because of the antique design elements. Small groups of 8-25 pax may reserve here.


Minimum Consumable Amount:

₱300 per head for all qualified reservation areas at the ground floor while P500 per head for the upper floors

Qualified Days :

Most dining spaces on regular week days. Specified dining spaces are only allowed during weekends and holidays.

Qualified Time :

Strictly 4 hours only during store operations inclusive of quick cleaning time in order to give chance to other reservations or even walk-in customers.

• From which this amount will be paid and used as follows:

• 50% down payment upon signing this agreement

• 50% balance (plus additional orders/incidental expenses if any) to be paid after the event before going home

• Optional PHP ______________ as equipment rental like sound system, projector, etc.


• Within the week from the agreed date of the event, the 50% down payment to the VENUE OWNER becomes non-refundable and non-cancelable. The only exceptions are when severe rains, flooding, or other serious unforeseen events and natural calamities in the vicinity that reasonably prevent the normal operations of the VENUE OWNER. In such qualified disruptions, the CLIENT is allowed to reschedule the activity on the next available date and time.
• The CLIENT may still reschedule the reservation a week before the agreed reservation date in case of valid reasons like accidents, illness or emergencies that prevent the CLIENT from travelling or being in the VENUE, but it should be communicated on time and the rescheduling of the event be made within 6 months. Otherwise, if unavailed within 6 months of rebooking, the 50% downpayment will already be forfeited in favor of the VENUE OWNER.
• If the event is cancelled by the CLIENT within the week regardless of the reason or in case of nonappearance of the CLIENT, the downpayment will be forfeited in favor of the VENUE OWNER to recover actual expenses incurred and potential venue reservation losses from other bookings
• The CLIENT is reserved a guaranteed covered area/s with tables and chairs for _____ PERSONS on the specified date and time.
• The composition of the packaged set meal for _____ persons is found on the page labeled ANNEX A.
• In case there will be last-minute additional guests for the event, an additional amount of PHP__________ per head will be charged and settled by the CLIENT before going home. The additional guests will be provided by the VENUE OWNER a similar packaged set meal as the other guests if not exactly the same. To manage expectations, the food and drink items for any additional guests will be discussed and agreed in advance by both parties. The composition of the extra packaged set meal may be added and labeled as ANNEX B as needed.
• The CLIENT must also inform in advance the VENUE OWNER if guests will be allowed to order extra items from the regular menu of the VENUE outside of the packaged set meal. If it will be allowed, the VENUE OWNER must be advised in advance whether the CLIENT pays for any extra orders or if they will be charged to the guests who ordered them. The usual government-mandated discounts (e.g., senior citizens or PWD) will only apply to the extra orders from the regular menu of the VENUE if claimed legitimately and if there are no better discounts availed from on-going promos during the specified date.
• During the event, the CLIENT will be assigned dedicated food servers cum ushers and security marshals from the VENUE OWNER’s personnel. Part of the assigned personnel’s task is assisting the CLIENT when securing common areas in the VENUE intended for public use like video/picture-taking to minimize distractions and conflicts with other dining customers.
• The AGREED EVENT VENUE FEE covers already the packaged food and drinks, the venue rental, and service charge.
• Once the 4-hour period is over, the CLIENT and his/her companions should pack up, settle any remaining bill, and leave the designated/reserved dining area. If the CLIENT and/or some of his/her companions decide to stay in any part of the VENUE intended for walk-in customers, they may do so by ordering extra food and/or drinks just like the rest of the usual dining customers. They may also book a reservation online so they can choose a dining space and time.
• In case additional time is still needed for the event, an extra Php500 consumable orders per head gives a 2-hour extension provided there are no current bookings for that space and extra hours by other customers.
• Copies of the receipts will be given according to the number of vehicles brought inside the village by the guests plus an extra one for accounting/liquidation/reimbursement purposes.
• Ingress (setting-up) and Egress (pull-out) activities are included already in the reserved 4-hour period.


The parties agree that the CLIENT is solely responsible for the actions and/or inactions of his/her contracted service providers such as but not limited to the photographer/videographer, make-up artist, fashion designer/tailor, event planner/coordinator, their assistants if any, driver, etc. relative to their expected performance of duties during the designated date and time specified in this agreement. The CLIENT is also responsible for the behavior of his/her invited guests like family members, relatives, or friends while within the VENUE. As such, no excuses will be accepted by the VENUE OWNER for any delay, distraction, problem, issue, cancelation, or breach in the agreement directly or indirectly caused by the CLIENT’s service providers and/or invited guests regardless if the incident is intentional or not. The VENUE OWNER though may extend some humane consideration for certain rare circumstances or unforeseen misfortunes, but is not legally obligated to do so.


The rules observed in the VENUE by the general public or clientele also remain applicable to the CLIENT, his/her own contracted service providers, and invited guests.


While the CLIENT is given certain privileges and benefits to help make the event an overall successful, memorable, and pleasant experience, they are not absolute. Both parties are aware and agree that the entire VENUE remains open to the general public except for the assigned/reserved dining area for the exclusive use of the CLIENT and his/her companions within the duration of the specified time. The other facilities that will be identified and used for some photo/video shoot of the CLIENT will remain open and shared to other dining customers. The assigned personnel to the CLIENT will however ensure reasonable time and fair use in the said communal facilities.
The CLIENT is initially provided with two (2) originals of this agreement, each of which is in the English language. If the CLIENT is agreeable to the terms and conditions set forth herein and wish to proceed with the event in the VENUE, please sign and date each original page and return one (1) original to the VENUE OWNER or its authorized representative. The other original is for the CLIENT to keep. Upon affixing signatures on both originals, each shall be deemed an original and shall constitute one and the same instrument. In the event of any conflict between the English language text of this agreement and any translation thereof, the English-language text shall control.






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